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Paper published

2015 Posted on Feb 12, 2016 15:28


It was a long process, first two rounds of major revision then rejection from the first journal we tried, followed by more major revisions but then acceptance in Chemical Geology. The title of the paper is “Influence of glaciation on mechanisms of mineral weathering in two high Arctic catchments” and can be accessed here.

In the paper we discuss the geochemistry of the two streams along with the S and O isotope data and the bacteria data. Our main conclusion is that bacterially mediated pyrite weathering of silicate and carbonate rocks is a major process in these catchments. Weathering is normally assumed to occur using carbonic acid derived from atmospheric carbon dioxide, so if sulfuric acid (from pyrite weathering) is widespread then it would affect estimates of how much carbon dioxide chemical weathering removes from the atmosphere.


2015 Posted on Feb 12, 2016 15:13


I still had a few remaining samples from my trip to Michigan where I hadn’t measured the Sr isotopic composition. Since the machines in St. Andrews were still not up and running I went to the University of Cambridge for a week and with the help of Hazel Chapman I filled in this missing gap in my data set.

My water data set is now complete but to properly interpret it I need to analyse the rocks and sediment samples that I collected. First I will need to find a good method for dissolving shale which is one of the harder rock types to fully dissolve.