11-17 July: The first trip to the fieldsite! I wanted to see if the fieldsites I had selected from the maps were really as I expected. Gjermund, Ulla and Olivier joined me on the trip. We spent the first few days at the campsite since we needed to buy food and rent a gun, but there were no more ‘snublebluss’ (trip wires to put up around the tents) in town. We set off to the fieldsite on the 12th, going up over Longyearbreen and into Fardalen. Going down Fardalen was quite difficult because the ground was so wet and soft. We camped at the near the bottom of the valley. Next day, we took water and rock samples from

several locations in both Fardalen and Dryadbreen. Unfortunately that night we ran out of fuel so the next day we walked out in the rain through Endalen, back into Longyearbyen.

A short description of this trip, written by Gjermund (in Norwegian), can be found here.