22 May

Tomorrow I will arrive in Svalbard for the start of a four week sampling campaign. The webcam over the last few days has shown a fair bit of snow loss so fingers crossed we can still get a snowmobile over to Fardalen. On the other hand, snow loss should produce some interesting changes in stream water chemistry. Kjell Mork (former mayor of Longyearbyen) has generously allowed us to use his hut in Fardalen for the duration of the fieldwork, which is definitely preferable to a tent. Assuming that the streams are not still under deep snow drifts, the plan is to sample the glacial and the non-glacial stream on alternate days.

A number of samples for different types of analyses will be taken each day which will entail the filtration of around 25 L water. One of the first tasks though, will be installing the water stage measuring stations on both streams in order to get a long a record as possible of discharge this summer.