It was a busy week in Tromsø at the annual Arctic Frontiers conference. I was looking forward to this conference as it explicitly tries to combine science, business and policy and I wanted to see the interaction between science and policy which you don’t normally get at a typical geochemistry conference. Ultimately, though, I was disappointed. The different sections were split into different days with little overlap of delegates. The disconnect was really brought home in a discussion about designing Arctic towns to minimise social problems. The researchers had come up with a number of solutions but it didn’t seem like the people in charge of planning were listening or just treated it as an academic exercise.

Through APECS, I was involved in the Science for Schools program which was a side event to the conference. School pupils spent the day at the science centre, with talks from early career researchers followed by presentation of posters they had made about science issues relevant to the Arctic. It was very enjoyable and hopefully those children will maintain their enthusiasm for science. Coverage of the event (in Norwegian) can be found here and here.

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